13 Reasons Why

How to Discuss “13 Reasons Why” with Your Teen 

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Looking for ways to start a conversation with your teen about the topics of teen suicide and bullying portrayed in the hit show “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix?

Join Facebook Live Chats: Tuesdays in June

Episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 will be discussed on the Teen Lifeline Facebook page every Tuesday in June at 6:30 p.m.

Login to the Live Chats at Facebook.com/TeenLifeline to learn more about the show’s themes, how they impact your teen and how to talk about them.

If you have specific questions you would like discussed during the chats, send your questions in advance to Teen Lifeline through Facebook Messenger or email media@teenlifeline.org and we will answer as many questions as time permits.

Can’t make it to the Facebook Live Chats?

Videos from the Facebook Live Chats will be posted to Facebook following the conclusion of each event. Visit Facebook.com/TeenLifeline to watch the discussions.



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