Take the Teen Lifeline Think of Three Challenge (T-O-3)

Teen Lifeline's T-O-3 Think of Three Challenge banner. Click to download the poster.

Regularly practicing gratitude can help you feel more hopeful and happy. That’s why the peer counselors at Teen Lifeline want you to join us in our Think of Three—T-O-3—Challenge!

Can you THINK OF THREE things you’re grateful for today?

To help you brainstorm, we made a poster with some thought starters for you. Download it here! Print and hang it somewhere you’ll see every day. It will help you Think of Three!

Once you’ve thought of the things you’re grateful for, post a photo or video about them to social media with the hashtag #TO3, and encourage your friends to do the same. This way, we can support each other as we work towards hopefulness and happiness together!