Caring Contacts

Photo of a teen volunteer talking with a hotline caller.

Supporting Arizona’s most at-risk teens

Research shows that teens recently discharged from inpatient psychiatric care are at a higher risk of suicide. These teens need more support while transitioning back into their daily lives, especially during the first year after discharge. The Teen Lifeline Caring Contacts program was created to support these teens by sending them caring messages through phone calls or texts.

In 2022, Mercy Care funded the development of Teen Lifeline’s Caring Contacts to bridge that gap in support and reduce future hospitalizations. This year, Caring Contacts is now live, connecting high-risk teens with the hope they need to keep going.

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How Caring Contacts works

Our Caring Contacts program supports teens who have been recently discharged from psychiatric facilities with caring messages sent to them through calls, texts, and letters. These messages are meant to provide encouragement through their ongoing treatment and reintegration back into everyday activities. It also gives them the opportunity to build connections and to talk to other peers openly and confidentially about what they are going through.

Once a teen is enrolled in our Caring Contacts program, our teen peer counselors will contact the teen 24-48 hours after discharge and periodically over the following 12 months. To help the teen feel supported and know where and how to find help, the contacts will include encouraging and understanding messages and opportunities to talk about how they are feeling. Peer counselors will also contact the teen on their birthday and important anniversaries.

In addition to calls and texts, the teen will receive a care package and letter from our peer counselors. The program also provides the family and teen with resources personalized to their situation.


There are many resources available and we are here to help! You can visit other pages on our website to view informational articles about mental health and tips to help your teen with theirs. Or, you can call/text our hotline at 602-248-8336.

Teen Lifeline’s hotline hours:

  • Calls are open 24/7/365
  • Texting is open 12 – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday / 3 – 9 p.m. Saturday – Sunday
  • Peer counseling 3 – 9 p.m. daily

Thank you to Mercy Care for funding the development of our Caring Contacts program!