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Stock photo of a somber teen talking on the phone in a dimly lit room. From Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.

Arizona’s Teen Lifeline says calls have increased 50% since the pandemic began

91.5 KJZZ Radio   |   April 26, 2022

Between spring break and the end of the school year is one of the most stressful times for kids—Clinical Director Nikki Kontz discusses where teens are at right now and what Teen Lifeline has seen on the hotline.

Stock photo of a person in tennis shoes taking a walk. From Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

Managing the Mind: Mental health resources across the Valley

ABC15 Arizona   |   April 20, 2022

Clinical Director Nikki Kontz explains what self-care is and why it’s important to schedule into your daily routine. Also, how teens can learn to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression without always turning to their phones.

Additionally, ABC15 highlights community-based organizations that can assist with mental health resources suited to your needs.

Photo of students giving a presentation. From Cronkite News Pathways to Equity April newsletter.

Solutions Spotlight: Mental Health

Cronkite News Pathways to Equity   |   April 2022

Peer mentoring programs like Teen Lifeline help youth connect with mental health support and resources. Pathways to Equity discusses mental health disparities and the efforts being made to close those gaps.

Photo of the exterior of the Arizona State Capitol building.

Proposed bill aims to boost parental rights regarding student information

ABC15 Arizona   |   February 22, 2022

HB2161, a bill that would require teachers to tell parents what a child discloses, could put the well-being of Arizona youth at risk.

“I just, again, worry about all of those kids that don’t have loving, supporting homes and the risk that we’re putting them in. Or, just the fact that everyone has a sense of privacy,” Clinical Director Nikki Kontz said.

Student writing notes in class with a mask on. Screenshot from ABC15 news feature on February 16, 2022.

Ways to help children struggling with their mental health

ABC15 Arizona   |   February 16, 2022

ABC15 takes a look at how the pandemic has impacted the mental health of students, and what resources are available to help. Featuring Clinical Director Nikki Kontz.

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