Make a Gift, Save a Life

At Teen Lifeline, our commitment to preventing teen suicide by enhancing resiliency in youth and fostering supportive communities never waivers. We envision all youth possessing a sense of connectedness and hope for their future.

Our staff, teen volunteers, and supporters work endlessly to carry out this mission. From talking to students, teachers, parents, and other community members to answering calls from teens in crisis, everyone is focused on creating a life-saving connection to hope.

We invite you to make a donation today. Join us in making Arizona a safer place to be a teen.

Get a Tax Credit for Your Donation

Your tax dollars can help save lives!

Teen Lifeline is a Qualifying Charitable Organization—meaning, your donation to Teen Lifeline may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to $800 ($400 if filing single) on your annual Arizona tax return. This credit is in addition to those you can receive for other Arizona Tax Credits.

Teen Lifeline’s QCO code is 20695. Learn more about this tax credit from the Arizona Department of Revenue at Contributions to QCOs and QFCOs.

Memorial Donations

Make a donation in memory of a cherished loved one. When Teen Lifeline receives a memorial donation, we will notify the family members to advise them of the gift. For more information contact Development Associate Luis Barcelo at

Brendan Sheehan Memorial Fund

This fund was created to honor an incredible young man who volunteered with Teen Lifeline for over 10 years. Brendan’s passion and commitment to the community and Teen Lifeline were immeasurable. His life had a positive impact on so many people. Brendan passed away on Saturday, May 16, 2009, at the age of 33. Words cannot express how profound his loss is to those of us who knew and loved him.

Your Support is Life-Saving

When you invest in Teen Lifeline you are investing in programs that help teens and meet them where they are. All our programs are absolutely free as we believe that there should be no barrier to help. Your donation funds our:

Crisis Hotline & Texting Service

Teen Lifeline’s crisis hotline has operated 365 days a year since 1986. Every day, teens from across Arizona who need to talk through a problem or a crisis call Teen Lifeline. At the other end of that call is a trained teen peer counselor ready to listen and to help the caller identify positive options. These teen volunteers are literally life-saving superheroes.

In 2020, Teen Lifeline answered close to 35,000 calls and texts from teens in crisis—a nearly 30% increase from the prior year. Callers/texters feel that their conversation is safe and private, and they can talk openly without judgment because the peer counselor can “relate” to the pressure they feel.

Life Skills Training

Teen Lifeline is a safe place for both our callers and volunteers. For many peer counselors, Teen Lifeline is a home away from home.

Each year, over 70 Maricopa County teens join Teen Lifeline and undergo 72+ hours of Life Skills Development Training. After training is complete, these 15 to 18-year-olds answer our crisis hotline 365 days per year. The Life Skills Development training gives teens skills they use far beyond the hotline, enhancing resiliency and creating a sense of purpose as they move into adulthood. Many volunteers continue with civic engagement in adulthood through career choices, volunteering, and serving on nonprofit boards or community councils.

Suicide Prevention Education & Outreach

Our school-based suicide prevention education and outreach, combined, are our largest program, reaching hundreds of thousands of students, educators, parents, and community members annually. We offer both in-person and virtual prevention education, including comprehensive eLearning modules.

From 115,000 people in 2017 to 320,000 in 2020, our prevention staff work tirelessly with school districts and community groups to take awareness and prevention education to classrooms and neighborhoods across Arizona.

School ID Initiative

The School ID Initiative places Teen Lifeline’s hotline information and a message of hope on the back of student IDs, in messaging from schools, and on stickers on school-provided laptops. This spreads awareness of the resources available for teens and ensures students always have a connection of hope nearby. Currently, over 300,000 student IDs across 260 middle and high schools have Teen Lifeline’s life-saving information on them.