Dollars In Action

How do donations save lives?

As a 501(c)(3), donations are what enable us to run the programs that prevent teen suicide in Arizona. We want to make sure that you—as a donor, fundraiser, or other form of supporter—know exactly the kind of impact your contributions make. Not only do the dollar amounts below help you understand your impact, they can also help you set specific goals to aim for should you set up an online or offline fundraiser for Teen Lifeline.

Every donation helps save lives—and here’s how they do that:

$100 answers one text to the hotline

When Arizona schools transitioned to distance learning in March of 2020, we immediately extended our weekday texting service hours to 12 – 9 p.m. (60 more service hours per month). These extended texting hours remain in place today, a couple years later, and will continue as long as the need is there.

$250 answers one hotline call

Nearly 49,000 teens in crisis reach out to our hotline for help every year. One in three of those teens have thoughts of suicide at the time of the call. Every $250 donated helps answer a life-saving call!

$500 funds one classroom workshop for teens

In Arizona, one in five high school students have thoughts of suicide. Teaching teens how to spot the warning signs of suicide in themselves and others builds resiliency, enhances teen’s support systems, and means teens are more likely to find help when they or a friend need it.

$1,000 educates a group of parents on youth suicide prevention

As a key influence in a teen’s life, it’s important to equip parents with the knowledge and tools to better support their teens. Each $1,000 raised can fund education for parents on youth suicide prevention, communicating with their teens, and building resiliency.

$1,500 trains one group of school staff on suicide prevention

Teen Lifeline is a primary source of suicide prevention training for Arizona schools. As most of a teen’s week is spent in schools, equipping teachers and school staff with the ability to identify youth at-risk saves lives. $1,500 can support one face-to-face training of 30 school personnel on youth suicide prevention and how to intervene with students at risk for suicide.

$2,500 trains a teen peer counselor

When a teen needs help, they’re more likely to turn to another teen before reaching out to an adult. $2,500 supports the 72+ hours of training needed to equip a new teen volunteer to support peers through crisis and overcome their own life’s challenges. On average, each peer counselor helps nearly 1,500 struggling teens on the hotline across three years of volunteering.

$5,000 trains school staff virtually

Virtual trainings take both three times as much time and three times as many staff to conduct while ensuring all participants feel supported and meeting best practice standards, but they also allow for flexibility to provide crucial suicide prevention education in uncertain or remote environments. Each $5,000 raised can support a virtual training for 30 school staff on youth suicide prevention and how to intervene with students at risk for suicide.

$10,000 educates 200 school staff

The Mitch Warnock Act requires all schools (public & charter) statewide to provide suicide prevention training to school personnel who work with students grades 6th through 12th. With over 1,000 schools and about 60,000 active secondary teachers in Arizona (and even more supplementary school personnel), school districts need a sustainable, accredited source of suicide prevention training. Each $10,000 is enough to support our best practice, face-to-face training of 200 school personnel on youth suicide prevention and how to intervene with students at risk for suicide.

$25,000 creates an eLearning module for schools

Teen Lifeline’s best practice eLearning curriculums help school administrators and promote a culture that restores hope, encourages distressed people to seek help, and builds resilience and connectedness across a community. Each eLearning module educates entire school districts on suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

Take Your Impact Further: Third-Party Fundraisers

Supporting Teen Lifeline with Your Own Fundraiser

If you want to help raise funds to support Teen Lifeline and its initiatives, here are a few ways to do that:

Run a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser.

Facebook fundraisers are a popular choice for birthdays, awareness weeks/months, and responses to community events. Instagram is great for running short-term fundraisers through the donation sticker on Instagram Stories. On both Facebook and Instagram, 100% of the money raised goes directly to Teen Lifeline. Click here to start a Facebook fundraiser today!


Incorporate opportunities to donate at gatherings and events.

Set up a community event where proceeds are donated to Teen Lifeline.

Whatever way you want to support our life-saving work, we’d love to cooperate with you. Contact our Fund Development Specialist Luis Barcelo at or call our office at 602-248-8337.